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The Master's is an organization with its foundations in the service of Christ. Our program is designed to provide recreational and educational opportunities, as well as a competitive venue for the youth of our community. Our goal is to help parents develop young people who are trustworthy, respectful, disciplined, and confident with the abilities and talents that God has given them.      

The Master's: Working toward a balanced life.


In 1986, Bob Valley incorporated Kingdom Sports with the goal of housing many sports venues under one corporate name. Bob’s first item of business was to open The Master’s. His gymnastics program has grown over the past 2 decades and has expanded to include The Master’s Cheerleading Academy, which coordinates the teaching of local school squads as well as The Master’s All-Star Cheerleader squads.


There are currently two Master’s locations in the middle Tennessee area, both just outside of Nashville on the North side.

The Master's - Hendersonville is located right off Saundersville Road on Avondale.  See maps below for details.  
The Master's - Gallatin is located near Gallatin High School on Hancock Street.


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